Seduced by Daddy’s Best Friend: [a Hot & Spicy Forbidden Age Gap Romance | Older Experienced Man – Younger Insatiable Woman]

By (author)Holly Morgan

Rebecca is ready to leave her small town life behind and is looking for excitement in the big city. When she sets her sights on her older, more experienced boss who also happens to be her father’s best friend, the forbidden passion and seduction that follows is a sizzling, age-gap romance that will leave readers craving more. Expect explicit action, a little kink, and a guaranteed happy ever after in this standalone erotic read by Holly Morgan.


Rebecca has finally escaped small town life & moved to the big city.Now, she needs to shake off her boring good girl reputation and find a hot, exciting replacement for her small town ex! …her handsome, older & more experienced new boss would be an ideal candidate… but he’s also her father’s best friend!. Rebecca knows that Daniel Kingston should be strictly off limits.. Not just because he’s twice her age, or because he’s her boss… mostly because he only gave her a job as a favour to his best friend… Rebecca’s Daddy.. None of that changes the fact he’s absolutely gorgeous though.. He’s mature, experienced, enigmatic, and every inch an archetypal Dominant alpha male and Rebecca is crushing hard…. When Daniel makes it clear he shares the same forbidden desires that are driving Rebecca wild – how is she supposed to resist submitting to his flawless seduction, his skilful touch – or his indecent proposal?. * * * * * * *. This quick, spicy read is a standalone erotic age gap romance.It’s a sizzling hot story of forbidden passion between a sexy, experienced, Dominant older man & a beautiful, eager, submissive younger woman, keen to let him test her limits.Expect seduction, lots of explicit action & just a little kink that leaves Rebecca’s behind tingling and aching for more of her new Daddy’s deviant demands!. Holly Morgan is all about smut with substance! Fun, feisty & filthy fiction for adults only.Think smoking hot, spicy romance with lots of full steam, explicit erotica & a happy ever after.18+ : HEA guaranteed!