Seeking Home: a Sweet Rockyview Romance

By (author)Carolyne Aarsen

A single mother seeks redemption by buying a ranch, but finds herself needing the help of the handsome former owner. As they work together, they both realize that they may be able to move on from their troubled pasts and build a love based on trust. If you enjoy heartfelt explorations of hope and emotional journeys, then you’ll love this tender love story in the Rockyview romance/Family Bonds series.


She’s a single mother looking for redemption.. He ‘s a widower who wants to sell the ranch that stole his family from him in a tragic accident.Sabine Radowski’s rocky childhood left her looking for a stable future for her daughter. So when the insurance payment arrives from her estranged husband’s passing, she brings her dream alive and buys a ranch. And though she’s determined never to lean on another man, she’d still appreciate the handsome former owner’s help to get things running…Tanner Bond is plagued by the guilt of the death of his wife and daughter. Ready to flee the property that reminds him of his loss, caring for his sick grandmother forces him to put his plans on hold. But despite the new owner’s young daughter being an ever-present reminder of his burning grief, Tanner finds himself falling for the fiery widow.As they work together, Sabine realizes the kind man deserves a place in her heart, but she worries his obvious issues with her daughter means she should forge ahead alone. And with Tanner barely resisting pressure from his family to clear out, he fears he may be about to lose the one woman who could help him heal…Can Sabine and Tanner move on from their troubled pasts and build a love based on trust?Seeking Home is the first book in the Rockyview romalnce/ Family Bonds series. If you like heartfelt explorations of hope, picturesque rural settings, and emotional journeys, then you’ll love this story.Buy Seeking Home to see a tender love grow today!