Serpent’s End

By (author)Lorn Hillaker

In “Goldbound,” Elliot Arkwright seeks to become a Wingbinder, a dragon-hunter on the Ember Sea. With mystical tattoos burning gold for power, Elliot’s quest becomes even more urgent as dragons threaten to destroy everything he holds dear, and he must join a legendary ship’s crew on a perilous mission to hunt an elder dragon. A high-stakes adventure filled with danger and mystical power awaits in this thrilling fantasy novel.


On the Ember Sea, the source of all magic is gold.

Sailors desperately hunt for caches of buried treasure and pray to avoid the dragons, who haunt the skies in constant search for gold to fill their hoards.

But some crews, those particularly skilled or reckless, hunt the dragons.

Elliot Arkwright dreams of becoming a Wingbinder, one of these dragon-hunters. They are endowed with mystical tattoos that burn gold for power, power he hopes to use to free his mother from prison.

And time is running out. Dragons are breaking through the boundaries of the Ember Sea in greater numbers than ever before, threatening all nearby human settlements.

To stop the devastation and free his mother, Elliot will have to join the crew of the legendary ship, Serpent’s End, on a quest far more dangerous than anything he ever imagined.

They must hunt an elder dragon, a threat so great it endangers the entire world. They’re widely considered unkillable, immortal.

And the elder dragon may be hunting them too.

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