Shadow of the Shapeshifter: Fast Paced Comic Fantasy: an Illmoor Novel

By (author)David Lee Stone


In Illmoor, a dark and twisted enemy is rising, and Enoch Dwellings, a master sleuth with a reputation built on lies, along with his bumbling assistant, Doctor Wheredad, must solve a dangerous crime that could cost them more than their own lives. Combining comical elements with gripping adventure fantasy, this book is perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett and Mervyn Peake.


“….the natural heir to Terry Pratchett” SFRevu
‘many comical elements and a touch of Mervyn Peake’ ― The Children’s Bookseller
‘It is gripping adventure fantasy, Narnia for the Tarantino generation, and they will love it.’ ― hackwriters

Two strangers in the wrong place at the worst possible time…
….a lone assassin prepared to do the dirtiest of jobs…
…and a guard sentry determined to stop him.
A dark enemy is about to rise in Illmoor, something even more chaotic and twisted than the citizens themselves. Step forward Enoch Dwellings, master sleuth, who boasts a reputation built entirely on an intricate web of carefully calculated lies. Together with his hapless but increasingly inept assistant, Doctor Wheredad (no medical training whatsoever), he will do anything it takes to solve a crime that might actually end up costing him more than his own life.