Shadow of the Wolf

By (author)James Barwick

Captain Alfred Horn, a pilot testing a modified long-range Me110, discovers a shocking secret when he is ordered to fly with Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess. Shot down over Scotland, Horn is tasked with a mission that could change the course of the war and alter the lives of millions. With its gripping portrayal of World War Two, ‘Shadow of the Wolf’ is a thrilling read that will keep you turning the pages.


Captain Alfred Horn is the highly skilled pilot chosen to fulfil a top-secret assignment. Under the impression he is to test-fly for Messerschmitt, Horn puts up little resistance. However, he soon becomes aware that this assignment he has embarked upon is more than just test-flying a modified long-range Me110. Curiously, he is also put in the hands of a highly skilled tailor! What could a tailor possibly have to do with test-flying the Me110? On his first and only flight on the Me110, Horn is ordered to take the gunner’s seat rather than piloting. His role in this flight was clearly to be a navigator or instructor. Horn is shocked when he realises that the pilot is none other than Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, second to Adolf Hitler in the German Reich. The mission soon becomes apparent to Horn. Shot down by a lone spitfire, Horn and Hess parachute from the Me110 over Scotland. Injured, Hess is captured; but not before he passes on his mission to Horn. In hospital, Hess gives his name as Horn but he is soon recognized and the British are gobsmacked that they have the second most powerful man in Nazi German in their country! So who is Horn? Does he exist? Is there a German flier on the run in Scotland? Soon a ruthless manhunt begins … Meanwhile, Horn takes the first step of the mission as directed by Hess. However, misinformed, he misses his contact and has to settle for Kay Thompson, his contact’s assistant. Fortunately she is clued up and harbours Horn until they realise there is no other alternative but to go America. Armed with the knowledge that could change the course of the war and alter the lives of millions, Horn continues his journey to deliver the information into the right hands … but to whom? Who can he trust? Can he prevent a World War III? ‘Shadow of the Wolf’ is a gripping World War Two thriller that keeps you turning page after page. ‘One of the most ingenious-and intriguing ‘faction’ novels about World War II’ Publishers Weekly ‘Has such a gleam of authenticity and stunning truthfulness you can almost hear the iron crosses clink. Wow! I wish I had written it’ David Irving author or Hitler’s War James Barwick was a pen name of Donald James (1931 – 2008), journalist and bestselling writer of novels, historical non-fiction and television scripts, and writing partner Craig Barwick.