Shadows in the Forest


Join Libby Madsen, professional massage therapist and her canine companion Shadow, in an engaging cozy mystery as they embark on a search for a missing girl in the mountains. With compelling characters and suspenseful twists, “Shadows in the Forest” by Jennifer J. Morgan is a clean and captivating read that will keep you hooked until the very end. Discover why readers are raving about this award-winning finalist and best-selling cozy mystery series.


Award-Winning Finalist in the Mystery/Suspense-Cozy Mystery category of the 2022 American Fiction Awards. Libby Madsen, professional massage therapist and co-owner of the luxurious Dharma Inspired Day Spa, has probably heard it all. During what she thinks of as ‘tabletop confessions’ her clients often talk about way more of their personal lives than she really wants to hear. So when a regular, Maggie Crenshaw, talks about how her daughter went away on a camping trip with friends, it’s just so much chatter. But when Maggie says Isobel didn’t return home on time, is not answering her phone, and that the young woman is diabetic and really needs her meds. Libby offers to pick up the medications at Maggie’s house and deliver them—she and her Labrador puppy, Shadow, are going camping in the same area and it’s no trouble at all.. Except when Libby and Shadow arrive at the campground, Isobel is nowhere to be found, and no one there has seen her or the group of friends she claimed to be traveling with. Libby enlists the help of handsome Forest Ranger Greg Lawson, but even he can’t find anyone who has seen the girl. The fact that she’s now been without her insulin for several days is worrisome, and Greg initiates a Search and Rescue operation.. Libby and Shadow join Greg and the volunteers to search the adjoining camping areas. Some shady characters and a few clues do turn up. But no Isobel. Libby becomes convinced that something more sinister is going on and she’s determined to find out what has happened, little knowing that her own life may be in danger as she gets too close to the truth.. Praise for Jennifer J. Morgan’s Libby Madsen cozy mystery series:. IndieReader says:”Author Jennifer J. Morgan’s SHADOWS IN THE FOREST weaves together a series of intriguing events that develop into a compelling and well-written cozy mystery.”. “Readers know what a sucker I am for dogs, and the Libby Madsen mysteries are some of the best. I love, love, love Shadow and Libby and the adventures they get themselves into. Jennifer J. Morgan is destined to be one of the brightest new stars in the cozy mystery scene!” – Connie Shelton, USA Today bestselling author. “I’m hooked on this series. Completely adore Libby and Shadow (her companion black Lab pup–so adorable!). Without giving any spoilers at all, I couldn’t put the book down once amateur sleuth, Libby Madsen, was on the search for a lost girl in the mountains. The suspense amid so many suspects, I never did figure out how it would all turn out. Overall, it’s a clean read–appropriate for all ages.” – lovereadingmysteries, 5 star online review. “This cozy mystery series has become one of my favorites! Libby Madsen, along with Shadow her dog…Alexis, her best friend/business partner, and her family … and the gorgeous forest ranger, Greg! I love the friend group! And Jennifer doesn’t disappoint in her second book of the series….I find myself turning pages just wanting to know what happens next. Hope the next title comes soon…” – 5 stars on Barnes & Noble