Sins of the Past: a Western Novel of Forgiveness and Faith

By (author)Bethany Klassen


In the small town of Albury, Texas, Matthew Ellison seeks refuge and a fresh start, but danger catches up with him. Emma Royce, recovering from a broken heart, embarks on a new life but finds herself entangled in a mysterious and dark mystery involving the enigmatic stranger in town. Will they stay and fight or flee to safety? Dive into this gripping tale of redemption, danger, and love in “Albury Refuge.”


One deadly mistake, one searching heart, one redeeming truth…

Matthew Ellison escapes his dangerous lifestyle to take refuge in the small town of Albury, Texas. Wanting only to forget his past and the pain associated with it, he settles into the community with hopes of a new beginning. But danger has a way of following him, and Matthew soon has to make a decision – leave town, or stay and protect it.

Emma Royce travels West with her brother after her heart is broken by the man she thought she loved. With a new home and new friends, she’s ready to start over. Before Emma has a chance to gain her footing, however, she has stumbled into a dark and puzzling mystery – the new stranger in Albury.