Sirens Unbound: Book 1 of the Fifth Mage War

By (author)Laura Engelhardt

Join the Bant siblings as they navigate love, politics, and a world of magic in the bestselling first installment of the Fifth Mage War Series. Cordelia, Thomas, Amy, and Mary each have their own secrets and struggles, but together they must face treacherous political waters and cryptic prophecies to uncover the truth about their family and their powers. If you’re looking for a story of faes, romance, and political intrigue with a strong cast of female characters, Sirens Unbound is the book for you.


Four siblings. Three prophecies. A world of magic.Cordelia Bant has a secret: she’s a siren, a magical creature created to sustain the life force of the fae. But what can she do when the faeries she cares about most are trapped on an island full of iron?. Her siren brother Thomas leads a carefree life — that is, until fate reunites him with a long-lost love. But when political forces threaten to tear them apart again, they flee to the mage haven of Australia …. Meanwhile, their sisters Amy and Mary live normal lives in America, unaware of the sirenic power that lies latent in their blood. Amy works as a neurosurgeon — but when she invents a surgical procedure that allows mundanes to see magic, she discovers that she’s been manipulated into setting off the next mage war.. Mary is a retired opera singer whose first priority is her family. But her faith in her siblings is shaken when Thomas reveals a long-held family secret, causing her ordinary life to shatter apart.. Join the Bant family as they navigate treacherous political waters, cryptic prophecies, and what it truly means to be a family.. Set in a modern world and led by a strong cast of female characters, Sirens Unbound is the bestselling first installment in the Fifth Mage War Series.. Readers love the Fifth Mage War Series:“Engelhardt weaves a complex story of faes and foes, political intrigue, romance and more.”“The problems the characters face are interesting, difficult, and complicated. I wanted to read something different from the more formulaic books I was reading from established authors and this was new.”“This book seemed to have a little of everything. A little science, a little magic, a little politics, a little secret agents and a little romance, so I think there’s something for everyone.”“It’s like Game of Thrones, only without all the violence.”. WINNER: 2019 Judges Favorite Ink and Insights Award