By (author)Kitty Berry


In “Center of Two Trajectories” by Kitty Berry, Brooklynn Taylor must make a life-altering decision after her husband, Tate Taylor, flees to the West Coast following a tragedy. As she grapples with her choices, she is thrown into two significantly different paths, leaving her unsure of what the future holds. Discover which trajectory Brooklynn will choose in this gripping and emotionally charged novel.


Brooklynn Taylor stands in front of her mirror, looking at her reflection. She’s happily married to Tate Taylor, her adolescent crush turned powerful music executive at Taylor Studios, Inc.
Well, she was happy until tragedy struck, and Tate fled to the West Coast under the disguise of business.
Now faced with a decision, she’s not sure about anything anymore.
Brook must make a choice that will throw her into the center of two significantly different trajectories.
The question is…which is meant for her? Read more Continue reading Read less ABOUT THE AUTHOR
I reside in the suburbs of Fairfield County, Connecticut with my husband and three sons. I am the only woman in a house of men! During any given evening you can find me curled up in bed reading while in the next room my men scream at a sporting event on the TV. I am an only child who never wished for a sibling and I openly admit to being a spoiled brat. To this day the word “no” does not go over well with me. I am the daughter of an avid reader, the “real” Kitty Berry. I decided to write under the pen name, Kitty Berry in honor of my late mother who passed away in 1998 from breast cancer. It was my late mother’s desire of becoming a writer that prompted me to create the characters that I place in worlds of wealth, power, seduction, dominance and submission. My love for reading and discussing literature didn’t come to me until my late twenties. Angst-ridden romances, from the moment a man meets a woman and they fall into an unstoppable infatuation with each other, always mesmerized me and fast-paced entertaining mysteries as well as witty “chick lit” contributed to my desire to not only be a reader but also a writer. I recently found myself at a time in life when the busy balance of career and family made me crave an escape into the world of romance, but this time with an erotic twist. Multidimensional characters such as powerful dominant males who seek a woman who is submissive in their bed but who offers them a challenge in their life, spurred on my creative spark to write about seduction. I love dark chocolate, music inspires my writing and I am obsessed with the Zumba fitness craze. I plan on enjoying life to its fullest as soon as I’m done driving carpools, attending youth basketball games and coordinating the social life of my three adolescent children who have way better social lives than I do. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Read more Continue reading Read less