Staccato Split

By (author)Derek Erickson


In “Reiner Massacre,” Ashley’s world is shattered by a vampire attack, leaving her with nothing but a thirst for vengeance. As she trains with the Final Order to take down the monsters that destroyed her life, her only goal is to kill the white wolf responsible for her devastation. Will she succumb to the madness or achieve her ultimate goal?


Reiner is gone, burned to the ground. Ashley’s father and Nathaniel lay in the burning wreckage of her house, gone. There’s no one alive after the vampire attack which would come to be known as the Reiner massacre. Ashley has nothing, not even the memories of her loved ones. Vampires stole even those.There’s only one chance to combat the madness in the world, the Final Order. Like her father before her, she’ll learn the ways of steel and gunpowder, and burn out every last monster that stole her life away. As Ashley’s sanity devolves, she knows the end could come any day. Only one goal remains.The white wolf must die.