Starfall: Believe in the Light

By (author)C.Full Yo

In this thrilling science fiction novel, Gordon Grove is reborn on the eve of the apocalypse, equipped with supernatural abilities and determined to change the fate of himself and his family. As he builds and defends Blazars Fortress, he rescues other survivors and strives to rebuild a human community in a post-apocalyptic world, showcasing humanity’s determination and courage to find hope in despair. Get ready for a story of survival, bravery, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable challenges.


This is a science fiction novel depicting the post-apocalyptic world and humanity’s struggle for survival. The story revolves around the protagonist, Gordon Grove, a man who is reborn on the eve of the apocalypse. In his previous life, he witnessed a meteorite nickname”Fat Boy” crashing into Earth, plunging the planet into perpetual darkness and giving birth to a variety of strange and dangerous creatures. Gordon awakens during the apocalypse, acquiring supernatural abilities, and is determined to change the fate of himself and his family in this life.. After his rebirth, Gordon acts swiftly, using his knowledge of the future to build an impregnable sanctuary—Blazars Fortress—and assembles a loyal team to protect and manage the fortress. Gordon and his team have stockpiled a vast array of resources within the fortress and established a self-sufficient ecosystem to ensure survival in the post-apocalyptic environment.. As time passes, Gordon not only strengthens the fortress’s defenses but also actively seeks out and rescues other survivors, hoping to build a human community capable of withstanding the threat of monsters. Together with his family, he leads the residents of Blazars Fortress, facing the ever-emerging monsters and unknown challenges.. The novel also explores how humanity can rebuild social structures after the collapse of social order in the post-apocalyptic world, as well as the brilliance and darkness of human nature.. This is a thrilling and imaginative work that offers profound insights into the struggle for survival and showcases humanity’s determination and courage to find hope in despair.