Stranded on Ibryria Iv: a Gay Omegaverse Mpreg Romance

By (author)A.E. LeMercier

“Starbound Seduction 2: Stranded on Ibryia IV” is a steamy 13,000-word sci-fi romance about Talan and Austin, two lovers stranded on a deserted planet after a catastrophic accident. With a mix of alpha/omega dynamics, BDSM, and plenty of smut, this engaging story will keep you hooked until the very end.


A GAY ALPHA/OMEGA MPREG LOVE STORY. Talan Devid knows how lucky he is: the next 2-years of his life are committed to a high-paying trip across the galaxy. He and his newly claimed mate, Austin Wright, will have plenty of time for making love and perhaps a bit of BDSM. But Talan’s luck runs out when a catastrophic accident leaves him and Austin stranded at the abandoned outpost of Ibryia IV. Without Austin’s omega blockers, going into heat is inevitable, threatening to put an end to everything they’ve built together.”Starbound Seduction 2: Stranded on Ibryia IV” is 13,000 words of a/b/o mpreg erotic science fiction romance, with spanking, fisting, knotting and plenty of smut to keep you warm on a deserted planet.