Summoning and Sacrifice: an Epic Fantasy Adventure

By (author)Nathan Hartle


In “Summoning and Sacrifice,” Shada is a hunted servant seeking freedom from her cruel master in the heartless city of Ronia, where the vanished god has left chaos in its wake. In a chance encounter with an enigmatic spirit, she is offered the choice to accept her fate or embark on a quest to find Ronia’s missing god and save the crumbling empire, facing danger and betrayal at every turn. This epic fantasy series promises an adventure of a lifetime with a ragtag group of companions and a world hanging in the balance.


A hunted woman. A missing god. The adventure of a lifetime.All that Shada desires is peace and freedom. What she has is fear and hunger. She’s a servant on the run from her cruel master, who is determined to lock her away.Then comes a chance at a new life. Alone in the vast, heartless city of Ronia, she meets the Lady. This enigmatic spirit makes her an offer: Shada can accept her dismal lot… or undertake a quest to find Ronia’s vanished god.For the gods disappeared without a trace in the long-ago age of legend, leaving the worlds of humans to chaos and war. Without its god, Ronia’s once-mighty empire is crumbling toward an abyss.To save their people, Shada and her ragtag companions will journey to the ends of the universe. But first, they must escape Ronia alive.Many in this city of blades, poison, and shadow mean to stop them at all costs. If they fail, slavery or death await them… and their world will fall into darkness.Summoning and Sacrifice is the opening book of the Liturgy of Worlds epic fantasy series.