Swimming Pool Basics for Servicing Professionals: Learn the Basics, Pass the Exam & Start Your Own Swimming Pool Cleaning Business

By (author)Richard Franklin

Learn how to start and grow a lucrative swimming pool maintenance business in California with this comprehensive guide! Obtain your swimming pool servicing license, gain field knowledge, and tap into servicing commercial pools to double your income. This book covers everything from passing certification exams to navigating regulation codes, making it an essential resource for both new entrants and experienced professionals in the industry.


***REVISED ON 9/1/23-BUY PAPERBACK VERSION AND GET THIS KINDLE VERSION FREE*** There are thousands of swimming pools that need maintenance every day! Swimming pool maintenance business is desirable for many reasons: ★ You can make your own schedule ★ It has low startup cost ★ It is not affected by economy downturn ★ and it has GREAT income potential! As a sole residential swimming pool technician, you can expect to make anywhere from 50k-100k average in State of California for your first year! As with any business, annual income can vary based on number and type of accounts you have. If you are working part time or full time and if you are working solo or growing and hiring other technicians under you. A lot will depend if you are servicing only swimming pool chemicals or repairing/replacing swimming pool equipment, whether it’s a small residential swimming pool or a large commercial swimming pool. THIS BOOK FOCUSES ON: 1. Swimming Pool Education/Obtaining Your Swimming Pool Servicing License: “Swimming Pool Education For Servicing Professionals” is packed with swimming pool knowledge (“look inside”) that will help you pass your State Technician Exam so you can service commercial swimming pools & become certified. PRACTICE TEST INCLUDED! This book contains all topics covered on the exam and lays basics of swimming pool from swimming pool chemistry, swimming pool equipment, swimming pool re-circulation system & swimming pool calculation. It can also help in you pass private certification courses such as National Swimming Pool Foundation, Certified Pool Operator and Association of Pool & Spa Professionals exam. In specifics, this book covers: ★Swimming pool chemistry (pH, disinfectant, TDS, alkalinity, TDS, etc). ★Testing of swimming pool water (DPD test, testing for iron, hardness, alkalinity, etc) ★Re-circulation system and other equipment (filters, pumps, chlorinators, skimmers, heaters, etc) ★Calculations (turnover rate, Occupancy, SQ Ft, other formulas) and more. ★Extracted commercial swimming pool codes that pertain to your inspection. 2.Starting & Growing Your Swimming Pool Business Once you have passed the exam and obtained your swimming pool maintenance license, the next focus is to get field knowledge and start your own business! ★Become an apprentice & work under professional before starting your own business ★Obtaining permits and having the right certification ★Cost of running your own business-paperwork involved ★Advertising and building client list ★Running marketing campaign Then shift focus on growing your business exponentially and at minimum double your income by tapping into servicing commercial swimming pools. These are more reliable accounts and offer long term contracts. The work is not all that different but upsides are great! Commercial pools must meet regulation requirement that resident pool owner doesn’t have to. Single owner can afford to delay or not repair. Commercial pools can’t afford to be closed or be closed down! The legal consequence of drowning due to lack of repair/servicing is too great. They also have deeper pockets to fix items and must comply with government regulations. This book details how you can maximize profit from servicing commercial swimming pools & grow your business exponentially! If you own a swimming pool business or manage a swimming pool business, this book can help you grow your business by offering service to your clients that you never thought of before. It is also a great resource for new employees entering the business; 3.Regulation Codes This book will help familiarize you in commercial swimming pool codes/regulations which if you learn, can be a huge asset in growing your business. I’ll show you how! If you are still not sure if this book is for you, please preview the book and click on “Look Inside”.