Taken by the Alien Doctors: a Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance

By (author)Mandy Spice

Join me on a wild, steamy adventure as I embark on an unexpected encounter with three hot, sexy alien doctors who are eager to explore and pleasure a human female like me. This standalone erotic novella promises a thrilling night of pleasure, passion, and a few naughty surprises that I have in store for these dominant aliens.


It’s just me and my campervan on a remote mountainside for a week. At least that’s what I thought but during my first night I’m taken, examined and claimed by three hot, sexy alien doctors who want to learn how to pleasure female humans like me.Even though it’s my first time, I’ve never been happier and more willing to have my body explored, examined and used by these doctors from another world.But these beast-like doctors don’t only show me a night of mind-blowing pleasure…I have a few naughty ideas of my own that I would like to teach them, too!A standalone erotic novella with three dominant alien men, a submissive young woman, MMMF themes and a HEA.