Taken by the Kingpin

By (author)Evie Rose

In “Taken by the Kingpin,” an innocent girl finds herself captive in the luxurious home of a possessive and obsessed billionaire mafia boss. As the focus of his attention, she wonders if she even wants to leave. This steamy age gap insta-love romance explores the thrilling and dangerous relationship between two unlikely individuals.


Tall, dark, older and dangerous, I shouldn’t want him.

I thought my mafia connections were in the past, and I was alone. But powerful mafia boss Sebastian Laurent hasn’t forgotten me.

On the night I turn twenty-one, our paths collide. He can’t drag his eyes from mine. But even when he says I’m in danger, I know being with him is the greatest risk.

He won’t give up.

Kidnapped, I’m held captive in his luxurious home with him for twenty-four hours and he agrees to teach me anything I want.

Will he let me go? And after being the focus of his attention, do I even want to leave?

Taken by the Kingpin is a sweet and steamy age gap instalove romance, starring a possessive, obsessed billionaire and an innocent girl who is stronger than she thinks.