Taking the High Road Box Set 5-7: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance

By (author)Morris Fenris

Immerse yourself in this irresistible Western romance collection featuring captivating characters, heart-wrenching twists, and fast-paced action. Join Travis, Nathaniel, and Benton Yancey as they navigate love, danger, and unexpected turns in three tantalizing historical western tales that will keep you glued to the pages. Indulge in this box set and get ready for an unforgettable journey into romance and suspense.


A Western romance collection readers can’t put down.If you enjoy engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and fast-paced action, then you will love this box set.Travis YanceyTravis Yancey finds himself falling hard for Rosamond (Rose) Waring, a spunky sassy girl wearing wire-framed spectacles.All the more so when, on her own, she deliberately enters the lion’s den, leaving him torn between apprehending a gang of desperadoes and rescuing the woman he loves.Nathaniel YanceyNathaniel Yancey has eyes for Caroline Winthrop, eldest daughter of The Little Chapel’s former minister.Except that she has been keeping company with a well-to-do banker, and is on her way to a formal engagement.All seems fair in love and war, and Nathaniel is resigned to losing the love of his life.Then something unexpected happens.Benton YanceyBenton Yancey is captivated by a lovely young lady, Jessamine Lassiter. Intelligent and charming, she seems to return his interest.Until outside affairs interfere.♥♥♥Unlock the romance and suspense in all three stories—start reading this tantalizing historical western collection today.♥♥♥

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