Tales of Nightmare: a Collection of Psychological Horror and Mystery Flash Fiction Stories, Book 2

By (author)Emily Bradley

Dive into the sinister and dark world of psychological horror with the second book in the Tales of Nightmare series. Set in the United Kingdom, this collection of flash fiction takes you on a journey through mysterious train journeys, charming professors with dark secrets, and puzzling mysteries that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to uncover the chilling secrets hidden within these twisted tales?


A seemingly charming professor.A mysterious train journey.Two journalists who never wrote again. . These stories and two more are included in the second book of the Tales of Nightmare: A Collection of Psychological Mystery and Horror Flash Fiction series.. With more horror, secrets, deception, and lies, this book, with all stories set in the United Kingdom, takes you on a journey through various sinister and dark psychological horror tales.. From the cobbled streets of Scotland to the coastal villages of Cornwall, England, you will encounter scenarios such as a mysterious train rattling through the countryside, seemingly charming university professors with dark secrets, a tower that appears on no map, and the puzzling mystery of why two journalists seemingly never wrote again.. Do you dare to step inside and see what tales of psychological horror await?