Tales of Nightmare: a Collection of Psychological Horror and Mystery Flash Fiction Stories

By (author)Emily Bradley

Discover the chilling and sinister world of psychological horror in Emily Bradley’s debut collection, Tales of Nightmare. From enigmatic hotels to unexpected guests, each story reveals hidden truths and pushes the limits of deceit and terror. Are you ready to step inside and experience the nightmares that await?


How would you react to a stranger seeking shelter from a harrowing storm?. Or to a suspicious broadcast linked to people needing to be hospitalized?. Introducing Tales of Nightmare: A Collection of Psychological Mystery and Horror Flash Fiction, the debut flash fiction collection by aspiring author Emily Bradley.. This book takes you on a journey through various sinister and dark psychological horror stories. You will encounter scenarios such as an enigmatic hotel, unexpected guests, and an eerie quiet gripping a small-town community. . The stories in this collection reveal chilling truths that were once hidden, evil forces that push people to their limits, and deceit beyond anybody’s wildest expectations.. Whether in leafy suburbs, glamorous hotels, or dim and desolate highway laybys, every turn of the page reveals a new nightmare waiting to be told.. Do you dare to step inside and see what nightmares await?