Tales of the Rose: Part of the Order of the Rose

By (author)Abby Gordon

Delve into the world of betrayal, sacrifice, and family ties in this captivating historical fiction collection. Follow the gripping tales of love and loss, bravery and loyalty as the characters face impossible choices and unforeseen challenges. Get ready to unravel the answers to burning questions and discover new mysteries in this compelling and richly detailed saga.


Five Star Review from Readers’ Favorite for historical fiction!Tales of the Rose – Three novels in one collection —The Madness of Catalan- what would you do if everyone you loved was betrayed and killed?The Courage of the Rose – family ties are tested as the leaderless Roses in London try to protect the Queen. The Honor of the Rose – what sacrifice will the Last Command demand from Captain Godfrey and his grandson Geoffrey? Readers have asked me why in The Hidden Rose, Anna attacked Mary, Queen of Scots, why she doesn’t believe in her own safety and why she is so determined to protect innocents. And lots of questions about her training. The answers are here. (And a few more questions of course)

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