Tangled: a Collection of Short Stories

By (author)J.C. Moore

Dive into the chilling world of ‘Tangled’ by J.C. Moore, where twisted fantasies come to life in a collection of unsettling tales that will keep you questioning reality. Praise for the Dark Intrigues Series describes it as wonderfully chilling, twisted in the best way, and an outstanding collection of horror, proving J.C. Moore to be an amazing storyteller.


Step into the haunting world of J. C. Moore’s ‘Tangled,’ a collection that weaves together the mysterious, the psychological, and the suspenseful in a tapestry of horror.This assembly of terror draws inspiration from readers’ twisted fantasies, crafting unsettling tales that make the audience question their reality.. Praise for the Dark Intrigues Series:. “Dark Intrigues delivers wonderfully chilling tales reminiscent of vintage Stephen King.”. “Really twisted, in the best way!”. “An outstanding collection of horror.”. “J.C. Moore proves to be an amazing storyteller, weaving tales that grip you from start to finish.”. “Strange. Bloody. Very good, scary.”