Tank & the Rebel


“Petra, a successful but disordered woman in her late twenties, meets Gavin, a gentle giant with an ordered life. As their worlds collide, will Petra find the stability she craves and will Gavin be willing to shake things up? Set in Australia, this engaging story explores the power of love to transform lives.”


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I was the juvenile delinquent now in her late-twenties and with very little hope in sight. But I got along okay. I had a good group of friends, some delicious eye-candy, and my business was growing in leaps and bounds. Going out for a few benders with the girls of a Saturday night was what being in your twenties was all about. Right? Who needed to settle down?
My life is mess and disorder, but maybe there’s one man who’ll make me want to straighten it out.

When I was younger, they called me the gentle giant. I was actually one of the most picked on kids at school because I refused to return a punch. It wasn’t just that I knew, as the biggest kid, I’d get into the biggest trouble. I just didn’t like trouble. Odd then that I ended up in the Navy and turning a blind eye to the antics of the Grace Grayson boys.
My life is ordered and stable, but maybe there’s one rebel who’ll make me want to shake it up.

Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax.