Taught to Be Naughty – the Professor : a Professor Student Erotic Romance

By (author)Jodi Jacobs

In this steamy age-gap romance, a college student sets out to seduce her hot professor for a better grade, only to find herself drawn into a world of naughty temptations she never expected. As their relationship heats up, she realizes she wants to be even naughtier, and soon finds herself completely hooked. If you love steamy, adult content, this book is packed full of naughty fun you won’t want to miss!


Ok, cliche, I have a crush on my college professor!. It’s not a weird crush, Professor Jayce is really hot.Even so, I never really dreamt my attempt to seduce him, and get a better grade, would actually work!I guess that’s my inexperience with men. Or it could just be that my professor is naughty. Like really naughty! Like banged over the desk in his classroom naughty.. I thought that would be it, but he wants more. A lot more. He wants to teach me how to be naughty for him. And he wants more than I ever thought I’d be willing to give.. But the more time I spend with the professor, the more I am drawn to him and now I’m hooked because the more I learn, the naughtier I want to be.. If you love steam, you’ll love this hot age-gap romance that’s packed full of naughty fun!. Adult content

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