Teens’ Guide to Health and Mental Wellness: a Teen Wellness Journal for Healthy Living, Mastering Emotions and Mental Fitness

By (author)Kev Chilton


Discover the Teen’s Guide to Self-Care and Wellness, your essential tool for navigating the rollercoaster of emotions. This book will help you recognize signs of mental distress, provide strategies for improving mental health, and offer first aid for anxiety and depression. Prepare for adulthood by learning how to cope with stressors and build your personalized wellness toolbox.


Does it frustrate you when life overwhelms you more than it bothers your friends?. But what if I told you that your feelings are valid and natural?One can never be sure how different circumstances are going to impact them. Tens of incidents happen in a day, and each one of them can wear you down. You can go from laughing at the top of your lungs to crying your eyes out without even realizing it.. But most of the changes in mood, except for the ones driven by hormones, occur quite gradually. This book, Teens’ Guide to Self-Care and Wellness, will be your lens to evaluate your emotions. It includes:Recognizing negative indicators for mental wellbeing.The key ingredients for mental wellness.Physical strategies for improving mental health.First aid for anxiety and depression.How to build a personalized wellness toolbox.. We all know how to stay physically fit. Our elders have sufficiently taught us about the importance of working out and eating healthy. However, mental wellbeing is not so straightforward. It is only natural for such intricate things to be complicated and challenging to diagnose and treat.. Things that bother you today won’t even matter when you grow up. But growing up has challenges of its own.. Learning to cope with stressors appropriately in teenage years will ease your life as an adult. Grab this guide as an opportunity and start prepping!