That Summer: a Chase Duet Prequel

By (author)Kimberly Knight


That Summer is a short story about the cocky eighteen-year-old brother of the hero from the Club 24 Series. Get ready to witness Blake’s transformation as he chases love in this captivating tale, followed by his two full-length books, The Dance and Shameless.


That Summer is a short story about the brother to Brandon Montgomery, who’s the hero in my Club 24 Series.

A little disclaimer: In this short story, Blake is a cocky eighteen year old who thinks he’s God’s gift to women.

If you’ve read my Club 24 series, then you know that even as an adult, Blake hasn’t changed. But hopefully as you read this story and his two full-length books; The Dance and Shameless, you will discover during his chase, he becomes a man that has captured your heart.