The Backward Kitty

By (author)Trista Shaye


In this Halloween-themed mystery, Big the Barn Cat is faced with odd occurrences on the W’s farm and an encounter with a mysterious shadowy kitty. As Big investigates the newcomer’s origins and tries to help him, he must also deal with rumors about the farm’s well-being, wondering if Halloween is just a lighthearted holiday or a clever disguise for something more sinister.


It’s Halloween week, and odd things are happening.Big the Barn Cat takes his role on the W’s farm very seriously, making sure everything runs smoothly and goes according to plan. But things don’t always go according to plan…When Big unexpectedly meets a shadowy kitty under his favorite bench on the porch and the stranger doesn’t know any of the answers to his important questions, Big takes it upon himself to learn where the kitty came from and get him home.While Big wants to help the new cat out, his top priority is still to his family and their farm, and someone has been spreading rumors that the farm is on the verge of starvation.Halloween – is it frivolous fun, or a massive cover-up?