The Billionaire’s Daughter: Breaking Free

By (author)Mara Stone


When Claire defies her father for the first time, she escapes to San Francisco, finding independence and a new job. She meets Jordan, a mysterious man involved in the BDSM scene, and battles her attraction to him while risking her newfound freedom. This 12,000-word story contains adult themes and graphic sex acts, making it a thrilling read for those who enjoy steamy romance.


Claire Montgomery’s wealthy father has always given her everything she’d wanted – as long as she toed the line. When she refuses her father’s request for the first time, cancelling her engagement to the most successful bachelor at his firm, she discovers exactly how far he’ll go to punish her. . Fleeing to San Francisco she experiences true independence for the first time, sharing a house with other women and finding work in a coffee shop owned by Jordan Hunter. Mysterious and powerful, Jordan’s involvement in the BDSM scene both intrigues and frightens her and Claire desperately tries to resist her growing attraction to him.. Breaking her engagement has cost Claire her family. If she follows her instincts and submits to Jordan will she be risking her new found freedom?. ***WARNING***This 12,000 word story contains ADULT THEMES and GRAPHIC SEX ACTS.. EXTRACT:Claire smiled. “You know, I can’t imagine you…” she gestured to the pictures on the wall.“Cause I’m such a likeable guy?”Claire shrugged. “Well… yes.”. Jordan sobered. He straightened to his full, considerable height and loomed over her. Claire was suddenly very, very unsure of herself. Jordan stripped the coffee cup from her hand and set it on the table. He stood inches away, looking down at her with eyes that were suddenly a flinty steel grey. He tipped her chin up with one finger and simply held her gaze. She tried to glance away but found she couldn’t. . He spoke in a deep, solemn voice. “How about now?”She swallowed, hard, and nodded. “Now I can,” she admitted in a whisper.He smiled, a slow, easy grin and placed a kiss on the top of her head. “That’s a girl.”. The Billionaire’s Daughter is now also available to purchase as a complete trilogy. Get all three stories at once and make sexy savings! See my author information for details.

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