The Case of the Curious Canine

By (author)Tara Ellis


Join Sam, Ally, and Cassy as they volunteer at an animal shelter and uncover a mysterious dilemma involving sick dogs, strange coincidences, and a director who doesn’t seem concerned. This heart-felt mystery is perfect for dog lovers and sleuths alike, and is a great addition to the bestselling Samantha Wolf Mysteries series!


“An endearing series perfect for fans of Nancy Drew!”  Can be read as a stand-alone!   The next best thing to owning your own dog is having a job where you get to take care of them. That’s what Sam figures when she, Ally, and Cassy all volunteer at a local animal shelter. But they don’t expect the trouble that comes along with the work.. When dogs start showing up at the shelter with odd symptoms, the director doesn’t seem concerned. However, strange coincidences start to happen and Sam doesn’t believe that they’re random.. Confronted with the hard decision of following either her heart or her nose for a good mystery, Sam faces an emotional dilemma. Sometimes, the right path is the most difficult and this is one challenge that’s going to take all of her friends to help solve.. “Another great addition to the series. It is a heart-felt mystery for dog lovers and sleuths alike.” – Amazon Reader  Read the whole Samantha Wolf Mysteries series, now an Amazon bestseller!. Book 1 The Mystery of Hollow InnBook 2 The Secret of Camp Whispering PinesBook 3 The Beach House MysteryBook 4 The Heiress of Covington RanchBook 5 The Haunting of Eagle Creek Middle SchoolBook 6 A Mysterious Christmas on Orcas IslandBook 7 The Case of the Curious CanineBook 8 The Legend of Shadow Mountain