The Christmas Bear

By (author)Dane Thomas


In “The Forgotten Teddy Bear,” a neglected stuffed bear longs for a home and love after being left unfinished in Santa’s workshop. As she watches other toys find homes year after year, her perspective changes when Santa finally takes her to a loving family who cherishes her as she is. This heartwarming tale will remind readers of the power of acceptance and finding one’s place in the world.


A stuffed bear gets left unfinished and is forgotten during the hustle and bustle of the holiday. When the elves realize the bear was not correctly put together, it is too late to finish sewing her. The bear is put on a shelf out of sight and out of mind. Year after year, the bear watches as other toys leave Santa’s workshop, and wonders if she will ever find a home. The bears entire perspective is changed when Santa finds her and takes her to a home where she is loved exactly as she is.