The Coven of Tobin Island

By (author)Michael Neeb

Buckle up for a chilling and terrifying journey into the nightmare world of Tobin Island. Tim and his friends find themselves in a twisted maze of secrets, hideous creatures, and a relentless pursuit that will change them forever. Will they escape the clutches of the Coven of Tobin Island, or will they become its next victims?


A TERRIFYING DESCENT INTO HELL. A CHILLING JOURNEY INTO A NIGHTMARE. Tim Reynolds met the girl of his dreams. Gwen is beautiful. Charming. Too good to be true. So, when Tim and his friends are invited to Gwen’s cottage to meet her family, they packed their gear and headed north.What they find there will change them forever. Twisted visions of the past. Hideous creatures in the dark. A relentless pursuit through the terrifying maze of Tobin Island.What secrets does the island hold?Is there any chance of escape? Is there any hope of survival?OR…WILL THE COVEN OF TOBIN ISLAND TAKE THEM ALL?