The Creatures Beneath Us Complete Boxed Set: a Post-earthquake Creature Survival and Suspense Series

By (author)B.L. Teschner

In a city devastated by an earthquake, Logan and his group struggle to survive amidst the chaos and danger. With creatures lurking and a desperate need for refuge, they face the grim reality of their situation as they fight to keep each other safe and find a way out of the city. As they navigate the treacherous streets and encounter horrifying creatures, they must make difficult decisions that will determine their fate.


BOOK ONE . The catastrophic earthquake destroyed their city. The power was out, cellphones weren’t working, and the death toll was increasing by the hour. After making sure his daughter Abby and his neighbor Hazel were okay, they set off to follow the shrieks of the people who needed help around them, with Hazel’s dog Jack in tow. . Minutes later, Logan stared down at his deceased neighbor when an otherworldly scream shook the air. That was when he realized the aftermath of the quake wasn’t the only thing causing an immediate threat. . As military copters increased their flights into the city, Logan knew he needed to get them to safety. They packed up for the dangerous journey, fully aware of the reports of creatures that were attacking people on the streets. . BOOK TWO . After surviving an aftershock that was almost as large as the initial quake, the group continued on with their journey through the dangerous streets of the city. Things were getting desperate; threats of new creatures they hadn’t yet seen were rumored to be prowling in Seabridge. It was one thing to hear about them, but when a woman showed him a cell phone video of a large spider-like creature slicing through a terror-stricken crowd, Logan’s sense of urgency to find safety was renewed. . The group was relieved to make it to Logan’s mom’s house and find it still standing. While briefing his mom on what was happening in the city, Logan’s brother Johnny—who was beginning to spiral into the darkness of drug withdrawals—showed up along with his friend Luke. But the pair came bearing bad news: The entire city was under quarantine, and the military wasn’t letting anyone leave. . Without a set plan in place, Luke revealed that his dad, Colonel Mason, headed up the military base on the edge of town and could possibly offer them all refuge. With no other option in their grasp, the group decided to try and navigate the risky conditions together, hoping to find a safer shelter. . BOOK THREE . With his mom and brother sent off ahead of them on motorcycle to reach the base, Logan continued to lead them through the city on foot. But it wasn’t easy. Creatures were making their horrifying appearances more often, increasingly terrorizing their dwindling group. . Finding what they thought was a safe place to stay for the night, they settled in, hoping to get some much-needed rest. But when something scurried into the darkness of the room with them, they panicked. Trying to search out the creature to kill it, they found the end result a harsh reminder of what they were up against. . Continuing on their journey, they met José, a man they found trapped in his garage. Luke was against helping; he just wanted to make it to the base. But Hazel and Logan insisted on getting him to the hospital in hopes to save his mangled legs. The only problem with that, was it meant going back the way they came, backtracking into danger. . BOOK FOUR . Hazel screamed in agony before losing consciousness. She had been bitten, and time was running out. . Logan carried her limp body in his arms, desperately trying to find someone who could help save her. They turned to the soldiers, but they resisted, offering only to help Luke since his father, Colonel Mason, had strict orders to deliver his son to safety. Thankfully, after some convincing from Luke, they agreed to take them all to the base where Hazel could be helped. . At the base, Hazel’s unconscious body was hurried off by strangers in contamination suits. Logan begged to follow, but he was denied access to the building. That was until Colonel Mason showed up and agreed to escort Logan into the restricted underground tunnels that the general public didn’t know existed. It was in those tunnels below that Logan was able to see not only Hazel’s injury worsening by the second, but also the monster responsible for it.