The Crystal Eye: an Epic Fantasy Saga

By (author)Blake R. Wolfe


In the first installment of The Crystalline Chronicles, The Crystal Eye, a young miner named Dusk unearths an ancient artifact that awakens the long-lost magic of the dragon lords. As he escapes the mines and fights off a wicked sorcerer, Dusk must navigate a world of ancient power and ultimate darkness, making this an epic LGBTQ+ fantasy adventure not to be missed. WARNING: This book contains thrilling twists, ancient dragons, and wondrous magic that will whisk you away to a living and breathing world.


One man’s choice will shape the fate of all. The Crystal Eye has been found, ancient draconic magic is awakening once more, and an evil sorcerer plots to bend the entire world to his whim.Long ago, the dragon lords, guardians of magic’s intricate tapestry, shared an age of harmony with humanity. But as greed shattered their alliance, a mighty mage arose, pitting mankind against dragonkind in a climactic clash. Dragons were vanquished, the mage vanished, and magic faded from existence.Now, as fate would have it, Dusk, an oppressed miner under noble tyranny, unearths the ancient remains of the dragon king, clutching the all-powerful Crystal Eye. Concealing this artifact, Dusk seizes his momentous chance, embarking on a daring escape from the depths of the mines, his heart aflame with dreams of freedom. Yet, one fateful night, assaulted by marauders, the crystal awakens, engulfing them in infernal flames, reducing them to mere ashes. In that pivotal instant, the world witnesses the resurgence of magic, and a wicked sorcerer fixates his gaze upon Dusk.Can Dusk elude the kingdom’s borders in a race against time? Or shall the sorcerer’s grasp tighten, snuffing out Dusk’s life and claiming the dragon’s might as his own? Amidst this tapestry of ancient power, a destiny unfolds—will Dusk’s courage prevail in the face of ultimate darkness?WARNING: This epic fantasy book contains thrilling twists, ancient dragons, wondrous magic, and a world anyone could get lost in. This book should only be read by those looking for a wild epic adventure in a living and breathing world!The Crystal Eye is the first installment of the epic LGBTQ+ fantasy series, The Crystalline Chronicles.