The Cursing of Ana Dalca: a Supernatural Thriller

By (author)D.S. Quinton

Get ready to be transported to 18th century Romania in “The Cursing of Ana Dalca,” where innocence meets vengeance in a twisted tale of curses and ancient evil. Follow Anastasia Dalca as she navigates a world of deception and supernatural forces in this chilling opening to the Way of the Vampire series. If you’re a fan of dark, richly-written vampire stories, this spine-tingling thriller is a must-read.


Innocence Untarnished. Vengeance Unbridled. A Curse To Span The Centuries.. Romania, 1780. Anastasia Dalca is the rose of the royal family. Her beauty and kindness are known throughout the land, but so is her desire for adventure over marriage.. When a suitor’s magical gift goes horribly wrong, death and vengeance call. And somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains, an ancient evil awakes to answer.. An unholy pact is made. Deception is perpetrated. And an innocent life is changed forever.. But the curse doesn’t end there…. The Cursing of Ana Dalca is the opening story in the Way of the Vampire supernatural thriller series. If you like dark themes, rich writing and of course, vampires, then you’ll love this spine-tingling tale.