The Curve Masters : The Complete Series

By (author)Olivia Rigal


A steamy romance series set in the world of high-stakes art auctions, featuring powerful men and the women who risk it all for love.


A HOT-AS-SIN romance collectionIn the high stakes world of art auctions, every bid is a gamble on love—will they risk it all?Desire. Betrayal. Powerful Men. The entire series in one intoxicating romance collection.As He Bids Hanna Cohen threw more than caution to the wind on the day she applied to work for the hottest man she’s ever known.Indeed, Bruce Nelson’s looks and body could melt iron—and have succeeded in melting her bones to jelly.But he’s never noticed her before, so what harm could there be in working closely with an unrequited crush?Sure, he was once her brother’s friend from the wrong side of the tracks.All grown up now, he’s the handsome, powerful and wealthy part owner of an upscale auction house.And he’s her boss for the next two months.And now, Hannah’s realizing her folly. Because her obsession with his commanding good looks and sexy-as-sin mouth is threatening to tank her career aspirations. Most especially when he finally turns his full attention on her and refuses to relent.. LOST AND FOUNDDiana Wall is a woman adrift, her dreams shattered years ago by heartbreak. Invited to an exclusive Manhattan club, Diana hopes to mend her broken heart in the arms of a stranger. But instead of falling into oblivion she stumbles onto the man she wanted to forget.. FOUND AND KEPTDiana didn’t believe in revisiting the past and Leo was the past.She needed to look to the future and chef Angelo wanted to be that future.Dark eyes, dark hair, dazzling smile he looked every bit as delicious as the food he prepared.. KEPT AND SHAREDOnce more Diana ran but this time some one followed.Angelo or Leonardo?And what if the best option was not to chose?. KEEPING TABTabitha loves her freedom.So much that she keeps her relationships strictly casual.That is until one unforgettable night changes everything.After an intense encounter with the mysterious Ryan, she reconsiders her commitment to avoid attachments.She has an incredible news to share with him but he’s nowhere to be found.When Ryan resurfaces, injured on deployment, Tab must decide if she’s willing to share her news and let him into her life.