The Dead Ringer

By (author)Michaela Haze

Mara, a Drude with no body of her own, decides to jump to the Human Realities and take over unsuspecting people’s bodies to live her immortal life to the fullest. However, she soon finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy and discovers that the Hunters who want to kill her are actually her mates. Get ready for a morally bankrupt paranormal romance with multiple romantic partners in “The Dead Ringer.”


Mara is a Drude, a nightmare demon without a body of her own.. When a dark force sweeps through Hell, turning lower demons into dust,Mara makes a choice.Jumping to the Human Realities to piggyback on the bodies of unsuspecting people,Mara is determined to live her immortal life to the fullest.. Mara finds herself surrounded by Hunters,neck-deep in a conspiracy between the Fae and a homicide.. Undercover, where one wrong move could see her torn apart, Mara discovers something horrifying!The Hunters that want to kill her?They’re her mates.. *The Dead Ringer is a 120k word count, paranormal RH romance novel with morally bankrupt Demons and more than one romantic partner at the same time. It is a standalone.* **Contains MFMMMM**