The Doctor Of The Great North Woods

By (author)Sawyer Hall

A doctor returns home to Maine to unravel her father’s mysterious death and faces a life-altering challenge.


As a doctor fresh out of training, Aubrey Lane can’t wait to leave those brutal days behind her. She’s worked nights, weekends, and holidays, only to watch her twenties go by in a blur.

But just as she’s about to walk out of the hospital for the last time, she receives some devastating news: her father is dead. The circumstances are mysterious, the cause unknown. Was it a heart attack? A strange illness? An accident in the Great North Woods of Maine, where Aubrey grew up? Her mother won’t give her any details, but her message is clear: You need to come home.

As Aubrey tries to cope with her own grief and confusion, she makes the difficult decision to travel back to Maine. But what she finds there shakes her to her very core…

And dares her to become the doctor her community needs her to be.

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