The Dread Descendant

In a world of dark magic and hidden witches, Maeve Sinclair is the key to a long-awaited prophecy. She possesses the power to jump through minds and is willing to sacrifice everything for freedom. As war threatens the very existence of magic on Earth, Maeve and her friend Malachite Peur realize that together they could be unstoppable.


“Maeve crossed the hall between them with confidence. In three short steps, she stood before his throne. A decaying skull broach appeared on his own breast pocket. The final piece of his Dread Mark. She and Abraxas were the mouth and the sword. He was Death incarnate.”Dark Magic comes at a cost, but Maeve Sinclair is willing to sacrifice more than just her Magic in exchange for freedom. She is the only witch with the ability to jump through minds. She and her magical world live in hiding on Earth, desperately waiting for the rise of the prophesied Dread Descendant. While praying for this Prince of Darkness to return them to their ancient home realm, the humans wage wars that threaten magic’s very existence on Earth. When an unlikely friendship with Malachite Peur blossoms at the most prestigious magical academy in the world, the pair discovers that together they could be unstoppable.