The Duke’s Christmas Rejection: an Mf Histromverse Dark Romance Prequel

By (author)Vivian Murdoch


In “Seven Omegas for Seven Alphas,” enter a dark omegaverse where titles and status reign supreme. Discover a world where sweet little omegas are the center of attention at every ball, and one alpha’s obsessions could lead to both passionate chaos and personal torment.


Sweet little Omega.
I see her watching me from beneath her lashes, waiting and hoping I will ask her to dance. I see the yearning in her eyes, to be wrapped up in some grand romantic affair.

I have no need for romance. No interest in love.

The things I want would ruin more than just her reputation. I would ruin her, wreck her for any man who dared to come after me.

But if she wants to watch, I’ll be more than happy to give her a show. Then she’ll understand what kind of man I am, and she will no longer look at me with such wide-eyed wonder.

It’s too bad there is no cure for my own obsession. The memory of her, watching me in my most depraved moments, will haunt my every waking moment.

My sweet, untouchable Omega. My own personal hell.

Seven Omegas for Seven Alphas is a dark omegaverse set in a world where title and rank is determined by status rather than birth and where sweet little omegas are the belle of every ball.