The Dying Breed: Hunters: an Epic Grimdark Progression Fantasy Story

By (author)TJ Lombardi

In “The God King Emmanuel Saga: Book 1,” join young Liam on an epic quest in a world where destiny is to die, but the challenge is how to live. With the thrill of RPG’s and the imaginative world-building of Lord of the Rings, this progressive fantasy series will captivate mature audiences with its profanity, violence, magic, and torture. Don’t miss out on the next great fantasy adventure by TJ Lombardi, author of The Dying Breed series.


An epic, progressive fantasy where it is everyone’s destiny to die, but you’re challenged on how one should live.. (Book 1 of 4 in The God King Emmanuel Saga)It is the year 896 during the Age of Magic and young Liam found himself searching for his purpose. His world forever changed when his family all tragically died within months of one another.As the world around him grew cold, the only warmth he found was in remembering the stories of the legendary warrior his father fought alongside.As a child, young Liam dreamt of fighting next to such warriors, and with nothing left to lose, he departed his home on a quest to become just that. The only thing he did not realize was just how much carnage awaited him.Don’t miss the first adventure in the next great epic Fantasy series by: TJ Lombardi, author of The Dying Breed series.. WARRIOR PUBLISHING RATING: M for Mature AudiencesProfanity, Violence, Magic, Torture . Praise for The Dying Breed: Hunters“You have a unique and creative writing style, and though I am working on my own fantasy story… I can’t help but be drawn back towards your characters.” C.D. – ARC Review“The Dying Breed: Hunters is a refreshing new world in the fantasy genre. Loved the story.” – L.C. – ARC Review“The story starts out slow… But just keeps building till the end when you realize, this series is going to go far!” – E.Q. – ARC Review“You’ve crafted an incredible story so far, and I’m eager to read more.” – A.S. – ARC Review“I was drawn in by the different lands, each alive and breathing in their own way. A remarkable accomplishment considering the entire scope of the story. A fun read and a great story. NEW FRESH AIR regarding fantasy. This story has characters where there is never a dull moment.” – L.Q. – ARC Review“I love the imaginative world you’ve created.” – J.B. – ARC Review“Thank you for letting me read the book. I love the characters that come into the journey. I can see your writing evolve as the story goes along and I’m quite impressed. The visuals in the book are very cool to see. You have a knack for story telling that lets me visualize how the characters go on their trek. Thank you again and I look forward to reading how their journey continues.” – G.C. – ARC Review. “If you like RPG’s, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars… you’ll really like The Dying Breed series.” – D.F. – ARC Review. “I have loved this story and am so excited to see where it is going to go!” – A.S. – ARC Review. “Everyone at my work is eagerly waiting for this book to be released!” – V.D. – ARC Review. For more information regarding The Dying Breed series:Warriorpub.Wordpress.ComFacebook.Com/TDBseries