The Edge of Insanity: a Book of Disturbing Tales

By (author)James Flynn


Get ready for a bone-chilling journey through the twisted and eerie tales of “The Edge of Insanity”. This collection of disturbing short stories will leave you haunted and captivated, from a sinister video game arcade to a town ravaged by organic growth hungry for blood. If you dare to delve into the cold hand of insanity, you won’t be able to forget these terrifying fables.


“The most powerful, horrific, and disturbing book I’ve read in a long time”—Cindy Rosmus, Yellow Mama Magazine. Ten terrifying, disturbing short stories written with the cold hand of insanity.. Mixing horror with science fiction, this short story collection contains an eclectic mix of tales ranging from the weird, all the way to the downright creepy.. Within these tainted pages you will find an entire town ravaged by an organic growth hungry for blood, a twisted cult living on a tropical island, a sinister video game arcade with a shady secret, and many more peculiar oddities too gruesome to even mention.. A mixed bag of fables are contained herein, but all of them are unified by their unsettling, eerie nature, taking you on a frightful journey that you will never forget.. Are you brave enough to go to…The Edge of Insanity?. “Truly chilling, Flynn’s stories will stick with you long after reading”—Matthew Hutton, The Scare Room Podcast. “Creepy and mystifying, Flynn’s weird tales make for a disturbing late-night read”—Regina’s Haunted Library. “As someone who reads in a multitude of genres, it was an absolute delight to discover author James Flynn and his art of storytelling. Many of his stories contain a blend of genres that made each story unique unto itself. Flynn has perfected the ability to snare you on the first page of the story, bringing you to the edge of your seat, heart pounding and keeping you perched there until you reach the end”—Lezlie Smith, The Nerdy Narrative