The Elements of Prey

By (author)David LaPiana


Embark on a gripping journey of survival and redemption in the captivating world of Aneages. As a deadly plague ravages the land and loved ones are separated, join Ariella, Brendella, Tyr, and Aundrea as they navigate a treacherous landscape, facing unimaginable challenges and discovering their true purpose. Don’t miss the thrilling second installment of the New Sky trilogy.


Aneages is a world of stark contrasts. At times beautiful, and at times terrifying. A year has passed, and Ariella finds herself alone, on this strange planet and unable to leave the relative safety of the woods. When she learns that her father and Allon are on the other side of the landmass, she determines to climb the great wall and reunite with them.
The plague has ravaged Centralis-Prime and threatens all the worlds. Brendella and Tyr are trying to make their way to the Central-City, hoping that something is there that will give purpose to their existence. Their plans change when they meet a fellow traveler.
Akara is under siege. The people’s blood is being harvested in an attempt to synthesize a cure for the plague. Aundrea must find a way to free her people, but it could come at a high price.
Book two of the New Sky trilogy continues the story of Ariella and the others as they continue the journey, not knowing their ultimate purpose.