The Feast: and Other Horrifying Tales

By (author)David Vorhees


Dive into a thrilling collection of short stories that unfold on various holidays throughout the year. From a chilling New Year’s arrest to a vengeful Easter resurrection, and a haunting Halloween narrative poem, these tales will leave you on the edge of your seat craving for more. Immerse yourself in these spine-chilling stories that will keep you guessing with each turn of the page.


a collection of short stories that take place on different holidays over the course of the year. The collection opens with “A New Year, a New Day, a New Life.” Grant Curtis is arrested on New Year’s Day and charged with the murder of his wife Carla. In “Easter: The Resurrection,” a resurrected Kyle Gardner seeks vengeance on Pastor Brian. “The Vengeance of Cassidy Clay” is a narrative poem that takes place on Halloween. The poem tells the story of a slave-hunter who haunts the woods long after his death and many more spine chilling tales.