The Final Wars End

By (author)S. A. Asthana

In the final installment of the thrilling Final Wars trilogy, former Lieutenant General Bastien Lyons, digital entity Belle, and captive Reo are faced with the challenge of stopping World War Four and saving humanity from destruction. With leaders rising and heroes falling, they must make personal sacrifices to ensure The Final Wars End.


THE DESTRUCTION THAT STARTED IN THE FINAL WARS BEGIN AND CONTINUED IN THE FINAL WARS RAGE NOW COMES TO ITS THRILLING CONCLUSION IN THE FINAL WARS END, THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE FINAL WARS TRILOGY.. Bastien Lyons, ex-Lieutenant General of the Martian armed forces, survives, even though his home, New Paris, has been destroyed. Belle lives on as a digital entity through Whole Brain Emulation. Reo is held captive in a Nipponese jail charged with the murder of the emperor and the heir. Their lives are going to depend on one another in World War Four. There will be wins, and there will be losses.. STILL, HUMANITY WILL SUFFER.. Alice Smith. Marie Dubois. Yukito Honda. Cube. The High Council. These monsters of the 23rd century wage war for various reasons. It is up to Bastien, Belle, and Reo to stop the conflict before it destroys civilization. In the process, leaders will stand, love will shine, and heroes will fall. One must be willing to make personal sacrifices to ensure…. THE FINAL WARS END.