The Forgotten River

By (author)Jason Pope


Experience the heart-pounding adventure of Ryan, Aiden, and Joey as they navigate the treacherous Forgotten River on a mission to save their friend. With danger lurking around every bend and a race against time, this riveting odyssey will leave you breathless and craving your own thrilling escapade on the water.


Dive into the Depths of Adventure with The Forgotten RiverRyan, a small-town hero with a heart as big as the river itself, risks everything to save his best friend Joey. Together with his little brother Aiden, they build a raft and set off down the mysterious Forgotten River, a waterway shrouded in whispers of wishes and danger.Their journey is a nonstop thrill ride. Imagine:Heart-stopping rapids that threaten to toss them like twigs!Creepy, abandoned buildings hiding secrets that send shivers down your spine!Bullies lurking in the shadows, ready to cause trouble!But the biggest challenge is a race against time to save Joey’s life. Will their bravery be enough, or will the river swallow their dreams whole?Get ready for:An adventure so exciting you’ll feel like you’re on the raft with them!A friendship so strong it could light up the whole town!Maybe even a magical encounter with a river goddess – who knows what lurks in the forgotten waters!A heartwarming homecoming that will remind you of the power of family and friends.The Forgotten River by Jason Pope – where every turn in the story is as unpredictable as the river itself. Don’t miss this riveting, heart-tugging odyssey that will leave you breathless and yearning for your own adventure.