The Frugal Life: the Simple Path to Living a Good Life on a Budget

By (author)Michelle Stewart

In “The Frugal Life,” Michelle Stewart offers a practical guide to saving money and living a more peaceful life. With real-life illustrations and actionable tips, readers will learn how to cut back on expenses, involve the whole family in the process, and change their mindset about finances, ultimately leading to a more frugal and fulfilling lifestyle. This book is a must-read for busy moms and anyone looking to make meaningful changes to their financial habits.


Author Michelle Stewart delivers a common sense approach to living a simple, frugal life. With tips that include how to save money in almost any area of your home, how to cut back on entertainment costs without giving up fun, and how to incorporate your entire family into the process, The Frugal Life offers advice that will work for busy moms or anyone trying to save money for the future.. Michelle Stewart goes beyond tips about saving a few cents with coupons or cutting back on unnecessary spending. Through real-life illustrations, she looks at the reasons people spend too much money and outlines some steps for changing the way you think about finances. Anyone can save money, pay down debt, and live a more peaceful life; they just need to be willing to make some basic changes in how they deal with money.