The Gargoyle’s Secret: a Cozy Paranormal Mystery Novella

By (author)Linn Chapel

Immerse yourself in a cozy, engaging mystery novella set on the rugged coast of Maine. Follow photojournalist Laurel Bachmann as she uncovers buried secrets that could ruin the prestigious Chevalier family’s reputation, all while delving into a touch of paranormal romance and encountering an exceptionally unusual gargoyle. It’s a captivating tale that combines multiple mysteries into one, perfect for fans of cozy paranormal and romantic mysteries.


A cozy paranormal mystery novella set on the rugged coast of Maine…

When Laurel Bachmann arrives at Stonehaven Manor to craft a feature article about the historic coastal mansion near Bar Harbor, Maine, the talented young photojournalist quickly learns that the owner of Stonehaven resents her intrusion upon his privacy.

Matters grow even worse when she stumbles upon a buried mystery that could ruin the Chevalier family’s sterling reputation.

But that’s not the only enigma, for Marc Chevalier himself seems to be harboring more than one secret.

… A cozy, engaging mystery novella set on the rugged coast of Maine, The Gargoyle’s Secret has two mysteries wrapped up in one tale, with an added touch of paranormal romance (for those readers who like a bit of romance to go with their mysteries!) and an exceptionally unusual gargoyle.

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