The Girls of Old Eden School

By (author)Brianna Raine

Miss Jenny Hart thought her luck had turned around when she got a new job after losing everything, but she soon realizes something is terribly wrong at the school. Children are missing, the head is acting suspicious, and there are strange occurrences at night. As she unravels the mystery, she realizes she may have gotten herself into a situation far worse than she ever imagined. The spirits of the school are angry and determined to end their curse once and for all.


When primary school teacher Miss Jenny Hart loses her job and long term relationship in a matter of moments, a job offer comes out of the blue to save her.But not everything is as it seems at this school. Children have gone missing, the head is acting suspicious and things go bump in the night.There is more to this job that she doesn’t fully understand, that is, until it’s too late.She was wrong when she believed her life couldn’t get any worse.The spirits of this school are angry, desperate, and looking to end their curse once and for all.