The Grimm Witch


In “Red Vermilion,” Jace, a Grimm Witch, must team up with his ex-husband Valerius to save the realms and confront their past. This modern fairytale weaves together classic characters with a captivating love story between a male Witch and a Prince.


Jace ‘Red’ Vermilion is a Grimm Witch. For years he thought that was just another way of saying he was special. After all, his mother was a Dark Witch and his father was a Pure Witch.  But when his mentor is murdered and a dangerous foe arises, it is up to Jace and his ex-husband Valerius, to save the realms while also trying to deal with the issues from their past. This modern day fairytale story takes characters from the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen giving them a twist while also including a beautiful love story between a male Witch and a Prince.