The Guardians & the Quest to Save the Forest Queens

By (author)C.R. Carswell


Join the children of international climate specialists on a fantastical journey to save Faskally Forest. Faced with evil Darkall’s growing strength, they must navigate dangerous obstacles and defeat him before it’s too late to save the fate of Earth and all its forests. Don’t miss out on the thrilling final quest where the winner takes all!


The Children of a group of international climate specialists visiting Pitlochry, Scotland helped local girl Isla find her lost dog in Faskally Forest. Helping Isla had taken them on a most unexpected and fantastical journey. They had met a magical Forest Queen, foiled the evil Darkall’s first attempt to take over Faskally Forest, and saved thousands of new forest friends. Despite their success, the evil Darkall was growing stronger. Could the children, with help from the Forest Queens, overcome the dangerous obstacles he would put in their way, navigate the evil labyrinth he called home, and finally defeat him before it was too late. The fate of all the planets, forests and Earth itself is in the children’s hands, join them in their final exciting quest, where the winner takes all!