The Healing Power of Eating Cookbook: Foods That Can Influence Our Health

By (author)Lila Crestwood

Discover the incredible healing power of food beyond just spinach and broccoli in this eye-opening book. From antioxidants to Omega 3 fatty acids and healing spices, your kitchen can be your strongest medicine cabinet. Learn how the right foods can prevent diseases and build a strong immune system, while also adding delicious flavors to your diet.


While everyone is told to eat their spinach and broccoli, the healing power of food goes far beyond that. Many foods contain antioxidants to actually prevent diseases and help us build a strong immune system. There is much truth in “You are what you eat.” The fact is, your kitchen is your strongest medicine cabinet.. The right – and delicious – foods add fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, and healing spices to our diets. Don’t overlook the power of spices such as turmeric and curry. Healing foods include leafy greens, fresh berries, fruits and vegetables, seafood, nuts, seeds, and more. Healing foods not only help during an illness, but they also help prevent maladies in the first place.